Frequently Asked Questions

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A: Axon Guru helps professional and amateur photographers to publish and sell their work on microstock sites with just a few clicks. We first automatically analyze and make recommendations on your photo collections. Then we generate keywords and categories for your photos. Next, we let you compare your work with similar professional ones and provide smart editing filters. You are then left with a final review before submitting to microstock sites. Our tool can save you up to 90% of your time.
A: Axon Guru Express sells your Axon Guru recommended photos on your behalf. The benefits are:
  • No need to open tens of accounts at various stock photo marketplaces.
  • Same contributor's fee as you normally would get.
  • Much lower minimum payment threshold. We combine your photo's earnings from all marketplaces into a single payment.
  • A: Just connect us with one of your online photo hosting or social media accounts.
    A: Fortunately, you have many options nowadays. It is best to pick a provider that offers reliable automatic backup option via desktop or mobile. We are actively adding new providers. If you don't see your current cloud drive here, please contact us at

    Provider Plan Price Auto Backup
    Google Photos Re-sized up to 16M Pixels Unlimited for free Desktop, Mobile
    Amazon Drive Original Size Unlimited for free with Prime membership or $59.99/year Desktop, Mobile
    Smugmug Original Size Unlimited for $40/year (20% off coupon) Desktop (3rd party), Mobile
    Dropbox Original Size 1TB for $8.25/month Desktop, Mobile
    Flickr Original Size 1TB for free Desktop (paid pro version)
    A: It is free for a standard account. If you have lots of photos and desire faster processing or like to take advantage of our pro features such as batch export, there are paid plans available.
    A: After Google retired their Picasa Web Albums Data API, we can only use Google Drive API to load photos from Google Photos. However, Google Drive is known to have issues and delays when loading photos from Google Photos. Therefore, it may take a few hours for your photos to be connected, and sometimes a small proportion of your photos will not be connected since they do not show up in Google Drive at all.
    A: These providers do not provide high resolution photos that meet the minimum 4 MB resolution requirement of microstock websites. Therefore, we disabled the photo exporting function for them. In the future, we will let you upload the high-resolution photos and submit.
    A: No. Our cloud-based software and Axon Guru Google Chrome Extension assist your photo submission with the best privacy and security. However, if you use our batch export feature, you have the option to store your password on your own cloud drive and Axon Guru will only use it during the export session
    A: Photos contain people or certain private property which may need a release form from the model or the property owner. Our tool detects if your photo might need one. However, it is up to you to verify and provide one. If the photo does need a release form and should you fail to provide one, the photo might be rejected by microstock sites. Alternatively, you can submit the photo and mark it as "editorial" on the microstock site. For the definitions of model or property release and editorial photos, please refer to the microstock websites.
    A: It might happen when the network is interrupted during the uploading. Try to upload them again from Axon Guru's "Review" page.
    A: Click the "Guru Reload" button on the microstock website's submission page to reload the metadata from Axon Guru.