Axon Guru Tutorial

Step-by-step guide

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1. Home.

Learn about Axon Guru or sign up right away.

Click on "Get Started" to see the Quick Start slides and sign up at the end of the slide show. Or simply click on the "Sign Up" button on the upper right hand. You may sign up with your existing photo hosting sites (also known as providers), or via email and password. Signing up via photo hosting sites will get you started in one click.

  1. Use your existing photo hosting service provider or social media authentication methods. Please review the permissions for Axon Guru to retrieve specific information from your provider and grant us only the permissions that you are comfortable with. Note that Axon Guru will need your public identity, email and read-only access to your albums or photos at the minimum. More specifics details that we seek your permissions to use are found below:

    • Google Photos: All photos; Loaded via Google Drive API
    • Flickr: Public photos
    • Amazon Drive: All photos
    • Smugmug: Full (Public, Unlisted and Private albums)
    • Twitter: Login authentication only
    • Dropbox: Selected photos (You must select one or more folders to connect after signing in)
    • Instagram: Public photos
    • Facebook: Email, User Photos; Publish Pages
    • 500px: Public photos

  2. Provide your email, full name (optional) and a password to sign up. We will send you an email to validate your email address. Please check your mailbox for mail from "". Then click the link with "Confirm my account." You will see the message "Your email address has been successfully confirmed".

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2. Manage Providers.

Once you sign in, please click on the drop down from the upper right hand corner and select Manage Providers.

You will see the list of providers and their status.

  • Connect with: you don't have a connection with this provider. Please consider connecting with this provider.
  • New: newly authenticated provider.
  • Updating: we are loading your photos from your provider.
  • Connected: we are analyzing your photos and making recommendations.
  • Updated: we have finished your photo recommendations. You can see your recommended photos on the Review page.
  • Expired: the authentication from your photo provider has expired. Please click on the provider button to re-authorize Axon Guru.
  • Disconnected: you have disconnected from this provider. Your new photos from this provider will no longer be processed. 

Next to each provider, you may use the configuration wheel to disconnect a provider, to connect with another account from the same provider and to configure further options. For Dropbox, you need to select specific folders for Axon Guru to access.

3. Manage Destinations.

Please click on the drop down from the upper right hand corner and select Manage Destinations.

Here you can set up your export options.

  1. Manage FTP Credentials. We currently support ShutterStock, Dreamstime, Fotolia, BigStock, 123RF and DepositPhotos. We are constantly upgrading our service and will support many other providers shortly.
    1. Store on Axon Guru. We will encrypt your password and store them on our server for your convenience.
    2. Store on a cloud provider. We will generate a sample CSV file to the path you specified and push it to the cloud drive that you choose. You can edit the CSV to store your own credentials. Axon Guru will read it when exporting photos. But Axon Guru will not store your credentials on our server to protect your privacy.
  2. Metadata Write Back. This advanced feature will enable you to get a copy of Axon Guru's automatically generated metadata. Axon Guru will embed the keywords and title/capture/description in your original photo file and "write back" to your original source provider.
  3. Skip Review. This feature will enable you to further save time by skipping the metadata review process and permit Axon Guru to directly export all recommended photos for you daily. This feature requires a paid subscription.

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4. Gallery.

Here you can browse photos that Axon Guru has processed for each of your connected providers.

  1. Browse by providers. You can use the drop down to switch providers. Once a day, Axon Guru automatically scans for new photos from your providers. Should you need to see your new photos sooner, you can click the refresh button .
  2. Sorting. You can sort the photos by
    • Date Taken: the timestamp when your photo was taken
    • Date Recommended: the timestamp when Axon Guru processed and recommended your photo
    • Recommendation score: the machine-generated Axon Guru recommendation score
  3. Search . Axon Guru generates keywords for the recommended photos. You may further filter the search result by the photo taken date range.
    Below is an example of a photo search using the keyword "flower"

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  4. Photo details. When you click on a photo, a pop up window will show your photo, the automatically recommended tags, categories and description (alpha feature) as well as similar professional photos.
    • Click on the "Auto Awesome" button to enhance your photo automatically.
    • Click on the "Save Change" button to save your editing changes. 
    • Click on the "Last Saved" button to revert to last saved editing changes.
    • Click on the "Show Original" button to undo all editing changes.
    • Click on the "Add to Review" button to manually add this photo to the review list for Microstock submission.
    • Mouse over any similar professional photos, and then click on "Apply Style Transfer" (alpha feature) to transfer the style of the professional photo to your photo. 

5. Review.

Here you will find the beautiful photos automatically recommended by Axon Guru as well as the ones added manually via the "photo details" pop up in Gallery.

  1. Pick a provider from the dropdown list to review the metadata. The number of the recommended photos are in parentheses after each provider.
    Please review and edit the auto-generated metadata such as keywords, description, and categories. You may also click the photo to open the "photo details" pop-up where you can enhance the photo or do a style transfer from similar professional photos. The following is an example:

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    Click the Save button to save your changes for a single photo.
    You can also check multiple boxes and click Save Checked button to save more than one photo.
  2. Get more recommendations. If you would like to get more photos beyond what Axon Guru initially recommended, you can click on the plus button to request Axon Guru to suggest another batch of recommendations.
  3. Submit via browser. Once you have reviewed the metadata, you may submit the photos to destination sites for their approval and sale. We will automatically format the metadata to comply with each destination site's specific requirements so that you don't have to manually change a thing. You will need to install Axon Guru's browser extension (available for Google Chrome only now). The extension is available from this link. Currently, the following destination sites are available for in-browser submission. 
    • ShutterStock
    • Dreamstime
    • Fotolia
    Once you are happy with the photos you select to submit to a destination site, just click on Save and Export Selected to: and the rest is fully automatic. If you don't have a contributor account with a destination site, please be sure to follow Axon Guru's provided link to sign up. This will help to support Axon Guru to maintain this free service for you while earning you Axon Guru credits to increase you photo recommendation quota.

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    Depending on the network speed and destination site's server load, your photos will appear in the destination site's final approval page shortly. Once you finalize the submission on the destination site, it may take a few minutes to few days for the destination site to review and approve your photos for sale. Typically, you will be notified by the destination site via email after the photos are reviewed by them.
  4. Guru Reload. On the destination site, you may use this "Guru Reload" button to sync metadata from Axon Guru.
    • Click once to repopulate the destination site with Axon Guru metadata in the event that the browser does not render data properly.
    • Double click to force a full refresh from Axon Guru's database. You may be required to sign into Axon Guru if your session has expired.
  5. Submit via Axon Guru's cloud. Click the button to open the Export Settings. Please be sure to configure the credentials for each stock photo site in the Manage Destinations page first.

6. Subscribe.

If you have lots of photos and wish to have them processed faster or use advanced features, please subscribe.